For many of our clients, information is their main asset and protection of that data is a key concern. The potential damage to reputation should the wrong person gain access to sensitive information could be catastrophic.

Optimal safeguarding of data requires two main approaches.  One is cyber security, the other is the control of physical access through identity management.

Starnet Systems Ltd safeguards our client’s data and reputation through identity management solutions that support business processes, drive accountability and improve compliance for information security.

Many of the access control cards in use today use insecure technology and are easily cloned. Starnet Systems Ltd’s expertise in secure card technologies such as Suprema and Virdi ensures that our client’s access control systems provide the protection they are supposed to.

Effective access control requires that the database is kept up to date.  Starnet Systems Ltd works with our clients to integrate access control to HR and IT systems, automating on-boarding and off-boarding processes and ensuring a compliant database, and effective security controls.

Our range of access control solutions includes swipe card, pin code locks, video door entry and biometrics-based units for fingerprint and retina verification.

Our flexible services allow you to set up multiple profiles for each staff member, and our easy-to-use systems can be connected to gate and barrier control devices, allowing you to streamline your security.
Our dedicated after-sales maintenance service will ensure that your access control systems are kept in perfect working order, long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. You can be assured that we spend a great deal of time selecting quality components that we know will provide our customers with years of trouble-free service.