Starnet Power Fence (Electric Fence) systems provide all the products you need to build a safe, cost effective electric fence system. We offer high quality accessories such as fence energizers, earth stakes, fence wire or tape and underground cables. Our insulators, end strainers, fence warning signs, connection bolts and ultimately fence posts are of high quality. We can also achieve additional safety by coupling an electric fence with a new or existing razor wire installation.
Compared to a conventional non-electrified fence an electric fence system offers many advantages. It acts as a psychological barrier and is therefore safer than a traditional fence. Animals remember the short, sharp but safe shock and learn to avoid the fence, thereby reducing the chance of injury and the amount of wear and tear to your fence.

Electric fences are also very economical costing as much as 35% less than traditional non-electrified fences. An electric fence is also easier and takes less time to build, saving you time and money.