If you are looking to operate a successful business, your communications system must be up to date and able to maintain its integrity during high volume data exchange. Downtime is unheard of in the modern business environment, even if you have moving computers or remote hubs. You need a structured cabling services company that understands how to keep your video, voice and data working in top condition regardless of how wide your network spreads.

Our structured cabling work includes:

  1. Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6 and Cat 6A data cabling
  2. Single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic installation
  3. Fiber terminations (LC, FC, SC, ST and more)
  4. Coax and DS3 cabling
  5. Data center cabling
  6. Overhead rack and raceway design and installation
  7. Cable management

Servicing the Server Room

Your data room needs to be clean, organized and well tempered. We can provide you a simple router replacement or services for a full stack of servers. We stick with you after the installation to ensure that everything is working correctly, and you can always call us back in for the maintenance and repairs that your data room will need down the line. We also prioritize the security of your network.

Cabling for Voice and Data

Our extensive cabling options for your voice and data network includes fiber optics or traditional Cat5 and Cat6 options. We preserve the integrity of any system that we install, and we have experience in all network infrastructures. If you are relocating your server room, we are the company that can provide the efficiency to keep your workflow moving.

Server/Network Support

Whether you need to upgrade your network or simply maintain what you have, we will stick with you to keep your operations up to date. Beyond the installation, our network and server support plans will keep you future proofed and on the right path to viability.

Unified Communications

We can streamline your unified communications installation and support as well. We support your collaborative communications solutions regardless of scale. We create a plan that is based on your specific goals rather than attempting to shoehorn a one-size-fits-all solution. You will confirm the design and work with our technicians to schedule the implementation of the system to ensure the most efficient installation and operation.